I can help

I would like to join in and help

There are many ways that you can help the Haslemere CLT and we welcome all offers of support. Here are some of the ways to help us:

I have skills and experience to offer

Along with enthusiasm and commitment, our team needs to add expertise in key areas such as planning regulation, land-acquisition, house-building and relevant aspects of the law.

Before diggers get to work, however, a firm foundation must be laid in the hearts and minds of local people. We want to have genuine support from all parts of the community. So, we want to find people to help us with “community engagement”.

Community engagement means letting people know that the HCLT is here, what it does, what it can do for them and getting people to see that it is real, serious, practical and it can be a force for good in the community.

If you can help, or you have skills or ideas, of course let us know.

Other things to offer.

You may know of suitable land or a source of funds, or you know of a trader or business that can help with development or advice – do please tell us.

If you know of somebody that wants to buy or rent affordable housing please ask them to get in touch with us, in confidence, of course.

Please use the “get in touch” form.

I would like to make a donation

If you want to support the HCLT but you do not live or work in the community, you can make a donation.
So, if you are thinking of making a donation, please do – any amount, however small, will help towards the creation of genuine affordable housing or community enhancements.

Use our membership form to make your donation – there is plenty of useful information in there and there is a box for you to tick to make a donation!
Download a Membership Form – a pdf for you to print

Tell us how you want to help

Tell  us how you want to help by filling in our form. What you write will be treated confidentially.

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