What is a community land trust?

  • A community land trust is a local organisation:
  • set up and run by the people of the area
  • to develop and manage homes
  • and other assets like a pub or village hall, much loved by the locals
  • and communal enterprises like creating workspaces and amenities or even food growing
  • every assignment has to be carried out for the benefit of the community.
Watch this video

Watch this short video to see another way of explaining how and why.

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A CLT is a legal structure that ensures that the housing it owns remains affordable in perpetuity and the enterprise remains “in the community, for the community, by the community”. Plus:

  • A CLT must be set up to benefit a defined community
  • A CLT must be not-for-private-profit
  • A CLT can and should make a surplus, but that surplus must be used to benefit the community
  • Anyone living and working in the community must have the opportunity to join the CLT
  • The members control the CLT (usually through a board elected from the membership)
The CLT National network

You can find out a lot more about CLTs and about other CLTs around the country and abroad from the CLT National Network website.