Where are we with projects?:

Housing Needs Survey:

We have put hard work into some foundations – no concrete poured yet, but we now have solid facts.  We have real data about what kind of housing is needed in our area and who needs it.

Our “Housing Needs Survey” was professional, thorough and hard work – a seemingly tireless bunch of volunteers pounded the pavements and delivered thousands and thousands of leaflets. We thank all those who took part or helped – especially David Cowan and Louise Williams of Surrey Community Action.

The Haslemere CLT is the main “customer” of the report – the results will direct our choice of projects and the design of them – but we are happy to share what the survey found with a wider audience.

Summary: if you want a quick read, here is a summary: Introduction to Housing Needs Survey

Full Report:  Housing Need Survey Report (note that a few comments written by some of those who filled in the survey have been removed from the appendix because they were detailed and specific and it may have been possible to identify the author)

Building projects:
  • Potential sites have been identified
  • Work continues in attracting partners for new projects
  • Considerations of commercial confidentiality are holding back what can be announced here.

We will add descriptions of the projects with drawings, plans, elevations etc. once they are under way.  We will aim to give plenty of updates on our progress as soon as we can.  And yes, there will be pictures of diggers and cement mixers!